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Drawing on my knowledge of science, herbalism and aromatherapy, I bring you quality natural wax candles made from the finest ingredients, beautifully scented when cold and when lit. My products have a look of tinctures, tisanes and balms; things to make you feel better. And when doesn’t a candle help you feel relaxed? 


All of my candles are hand poured in the Cotswolds using only botanical waxes for a clean burn, blended with luxurious fragrances and oils to give you a 100% vegan candle. My mainstay collections Botany (floral scents), Pomology (fruit scents) and Apothecary (essential oil candles with therapeutic effect), come in two sizes with long burn times. Plus, I stock seasonal candles so take a look at my Festive collection. 

I also hand pour reed diffusers in all the fragrances in the Botany and Pomology collections; months of beautiful home fragrance.

The pharmacy jars are recyclable (perfect for nick nacks), as are the boxes, which can go in the green bin once you’ve had your use of them. Or, send back any jar and lid back to me in useable order (at my discretion) and get a money-off coupon to spend online against your next purchase! I offer £1.50 for every 3.5oz jar, and £2 for every 5.5oz jar. 


Spend over £75 to qualify for free shipping*

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