5.5oz Natural Wax Candles POMOLOGY (FRUITS)

  • Six fresh and fruity fragrance combinations to choose from. Each zesty candle has a maximum scent load to get the strongest throw when lit. Berries, citrus and stalks. Which will you choose? 


    Available as a 5.5oz candle (50 hours burn time), 3.5oz candle (35 hours burn time), reed diffuser (months of home fragrance), tealights and wax melts. All housed in apothecary-style vessels containing natural wax or base with added fragrance.


    VANILLA & ROSEWOOD A blend of sweet fruits and citrus top notes on a bed of wood, musk and vanilla.

    LIME & MANDARIN Subtle but sharp Sicilian lime and fresh mandarin held together with Mediterranean herbs for a gorgeous scent.

    PLUM & POMEGRANATE Juicy plum and pomegranate compliment each other well with their sweetness offset on a warm, musky base.

    CITRUS & LILY Reminds some of the scent of fresh linen. Blends of mandarin tea and orange heart notes with lovely lily and hints of other florals.

    PEAR & RHUBARB A fruity accord of fresh rhubarb and juicy pear.

    BLACK FIG & VETIVER A rich, earthy and cosy scent, a good aroma for the masculine nose.

  • We want you to get the very best out of your candle. The wick is already trimmed to a suitable length but do follow these simple instructions to maximise the life and enjoyment of your candle.


    • On the first burn, make sure your candle is lit until it reaches a full melt pool (meaning the wax melts right to the edge of the container). If you fail to do this your candle is likely to tunnel on any subsequent burn and you will not get the full life of it.
    • After this initial burn, always light your candle for a minimum of one hour but never more than four hours.
    • Please use common sense when using your candle: keep away from children and animals and on a fireproof surface. Extinguish with care and wait until your container and wax has fully cooled before attempting to move it. NEVER leave a burning candle unattended.